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THE NEW HOTLINE # IS 449-8744, SUPER 6 JACKPOT NOW $270,000...Power Ball Top Prize is now $80,700
Power Ball

Wednesday 02-Dec-2020

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Current Jackpot: $ 80,700

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Powerball is easy and gives players more ways to play and win. Powerball does not have a starting jackpot; however, the starting Top Prize varies based on sales of the game. The price of a single Bet or one Powerball Ticket is $2.00. Rules and conditions are printed at the back of each ticket.

The Powerball Draw is broadcast on Marpin 2K4 Channel 6 on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 9:00 p.m.

How To Play

To play Powerball a player must select four (4) numbers from the range of 01 to 30 (the primary set) and (1) number (Power Pick) from the range of 01 to 05 (the secondary set), and play those numbers for the current draw. You may also use the Multi Draw option if you wish to enter the same numbers in future draws. This is useful if you are traveling or away from an agent, and do not want to miss out on your Powerball game.

Try the "Cover All" bet which is an option that allows a player to purchase their favorite play or bet of four (4) numbers, and cover that bet with all the Power Pick balls. This option is listed as "All" on the Bet slip and will cost a player $10.00. The Coverall Option is basically an easy way to cover a regular $2.00 play of four (4) special numbers with each number from 1 to 5 from the secondary set of balls.

Cash prizes are awarded for matching all four (4) numbers in the primary set and a single winning number in the secondary set - "Top Prize", matching any four (4) numbers in the primary set - "Match 4", matching any Three (3) numbers in the primary set plus one winning number from the secondary set - "Match 3 plus Power Pick", matching any three (3) numbers in the primary set - "Match 3" and matching any two (2) numbers in the primary set plus one winning number from the secondary set - "Match 2 plus Power Pick" to the winning numbers drawn.

Powerball has a combination of fixed and variable payouts for each prize level as follows based on a two dollar ($2) bet amount:

Prize Structure

Ways to Win Prize Won Odds of Winning
Match 4 plus PowerPick Top Prize 1:137,025.0
Match 4 2nd prize 1:34,256.0
Match 3 plus PowerPick 3rd prize 1:1,317.5
Match 3 4th prize 1: 329.4
Match 2 plus PowerPick 5th prize 1:70.3
Match Free ticket letter Free single play ticket 1:15.0

Buy and cash your tickets at any lottery agent. All Online Lottery Agents are authorized to pay prizes up to $999.

Prizes of $1000 and more must be claimed at the Central Lottery Office with a valid picture ID.

Prizes must be claimed within 90 days of the draw date.