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THE NEW HOTLINE # IS 449-8744, SUPER 6 JACKPOT NOW $260,000...Power Ball Top Prize is now $71,000

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Wednesday 21-Oct-2020

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Daily 3

Thursday 22-Oct-2020

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Welcome to the Dominica National Lottery


Now you can win even if you re 1- OFF. That s right! 1- OFF is the all new and exciting game from the Dominica National Lottery. As we continue to reflect our dedication to our players by creating games which provide opportunities to change lives, we re giving you exactly what you ve been asking for.

Ever felt the disappointment of being off by just one number? Soooo close yet still so far. We re excited to announce that these days are now over!

1 OFF is so simple and easy to play. Simply select three numbers ranging from 0-9 for a wager as low as $2. Read More

Available Scratch Cards

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Draws are held from Monday to Saturday at 1:30pm and from 9:00pm on evenings. We understand that a TV is not always available during draw times, hence the effort to bring convenience to you. Click here to watch live our Daily Draws.

You also have an opportunity to watch our promotional events and marketing activities. It is important to us that our players and viewers alike recognizes and understands what we do to make our games exciting and attractive. We design promotional and marketing activities to encourage persons to play and at the same time reward them for their participation.

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