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Winning Numbers Saturday 22-Jun-2024
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Max Prize on $ 2 Bet

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All draw games carry a QUICK PICK option which is a random selection of numbers by the terminal.

The DNL Random Number Generator creates also a completely random set of numbers and/or letters for each game.

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Play 4 Match four numbers from 1-22 and you can win up to $2000 everyday, Monday to Saturday! Tickets cost EC$2.00. The top prize is not shared. The prize money also rolls down if no ticket matches all 4 numbers and match 3 winners each receive $40.00, double the prize! More details.

Tic Tac Toe A quick pick game drawn from Monday to Saturday. Tic Tac Toe ticket has a randomly selected set of nine (9) numbers from a pool of 21 numbers (1-21) in the standard three-by-three (3 x 3) Tic-Tac-Toe matrix. More details.

Daily 3 Choose 3 numbers from 0-9, select the bet and method of play. Bets start from $1.00. There are six (6) ways to play Daily 3. Daily 3 is drawn twice daily, Monday to Saturday. It's an all-time favorite! More details.

Power Ball To win the jackpot select 4 numbers from 1-30 and a Power Pick number from 1-5. Tickets cost EC$2.00 and the growth of the jackpot is determined by player participation and the sales at each draw. There are 6 different ways to win including a FREE ticket by matching the FREE ticket letter. More details.

Scratch Win CASH instantly! There are now soooo many games to choose from with Dominica National Lottery. Buy and redeem your tickets at any lottery agent. Ticket prices start at $3.00 and you can even win a whopping $350,000 with our $20 scratch Big Money Game . Look out for new and exciting games at any of our agents island wide. More details.

Super 6 A combined initiative of the Windward islands, St. Lucia, St.Vincent, Grenada and Dominica, Super 6 carries starting Jackpot of EC$200,000.00. That's the minimum you can win on every EC$3.00 ticket. Match 6 numbers from 1-28 to win the jackpot. Get a FREE ticket by matching the FREE ticket letter. More details.

Big 4 An exciting new addition to DNL's game portfolio. It is played six days a week Mondays to Saturdays. Simply choose four digits from 0-0-0-0 to 9-9-9-9, select the amount you want to bet and choose the play method from the option available. More details.

1-Off Now you can win even if you're 1-OFF. That's right! 1-OFF is the all new and exciting game from the Dominica National Lottery. As we continue to reflect our dedication to our players by creating games which provide opportunities to change lives, we re giving you exactly what you ve been asking for. Ever felt the disappointment of being off by just one number? Soooo close yet still so far. We re excited to announce that these days are now over! More details.

Pick2 Choose a two-digit number from 0-0 to 9-9, select the amount you want to bet and choose the play method. Imagine multiplying your winnings up to 5 times! For an additional bet equal to the amount wagered on your tickets, you can add Multi-X to Pick 2. Pick 2 is drawn six days a week, Monday through Saturday, with three draws each day, except on public holidays. More details.

Instacash This product is an instant gratification game printed on the Lottery terminal. These games offer players the chance to win prizes without waiting for a lottery draw. There is no waiting, no guessing, no draws! More details.

All games carry a QUICK PICK option which is a random selection of numbers by the terminal.

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