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This document represents the official rules and regulations for the Dominica Lotteries Commission (hereafter referred to as DLC) Play 4 game dated September 1, 2005. Play 4 is a daily lotto game designed for DLC. Canadian Bank Note Company, Ltd., (hereafter referred to as CBN) manages the game on behalf of the DLC through its wholly owned subsidiary CBN Dominica Inc. operating as Dominica National Lottery (hereafter referred to as DNL). All operations of the Play 4 game run under the auspices of CBN are to be governed by these Rules and Regulations, which from time to time may be amended.

  1. Game Description:
  2. The Play 4 game involves allowing members of the public to select four (4) numbers from the range of 01 to 20 and play those numbers for a specific bet amount for the current draw, and possibly future draws. All data regarding tickets sold for a particular draw are compiled at the Central site computer. A draw will take place once or twice a day, six days per week, every Monday through Saturday evening. One set of four (4) winning numbers; each between and including one (01) and twenty (20) is selected by a single chambered ball-based drawing machine. Prizes will be awarded for matching all four (4) numbers ‘Jackpot’, matching any three (3) numbers ‘Match 3’, and for matching any two (2) numbers ‘Match 2’ to the winning number drawn.

  3. Ticket Detail:
    1. Tickets may be purchased from authorized sellers or from the DNL Office. All tickets will be printed on paper provided by the DNL Office to its selling agents. All tickets will have the following information:
      • ■ The first draw date and draw number range for which the ticket is valid.
      • ■ The seller’s name and retailer number.
      • ■ The time and date that the ticket was sold.
      • ■ Ticket serial number.
      • ■ Ticket validation number.
      • ■ The total price of the ticket.
      • ■ The chosen four number plays.

      The player is responsible for checking that the ticket contains the correct number(s), number of plays, draw date and is properly printed in every way. The DNL’s liability in the case of a misprinted ticket is limited to a replacement ticket of the same value.

    2. If there is a problem with a ticket, the only way for the player to receive a replacement is to immediately present the ticket to the selling agent. The selling agent can then cancel the ticket according to the rules described in section 4, ‘Ticket Cancellation’. Players can also bring the ticket to the DNL’s office, prior to the draw, for a replacement ticket.
    3. An original valid ticket constitutes the only acceptable evidence of a bet. Every ticket is a bearer instrument and the purchaser is solely responsible for its safekeeping. DNL is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged tickets beyond its control. DNL recommends that players sign and print their full names at the back of their ticket(s) after purchase.
    4. If there is any conflict between the information on the central computer system and the information on the ticket, the former shall govern.
  4. Sales and Redemption:
    1. A single Play 4 play has a price of two dollars ($2). A single ticket can have up to ten (10) separate plays on it.
    2. If there are any problems with a ticket and for some reason the ticket cannot be cancelled, the only way for the issuing seller to receive a refund is for the ticket to be presented to the DNL Head Office PRIOR to the draw. After the draw NO refunds or credits will be made.
    3. Under certain special circumstances, DNL may request (via newspaper advertisements or other suitable media) that holders of winning tickets present these tickets at the DNL head office by a published date.
    4. Only those tickets loaded into the central site computer are actually valid for the draw.
  5. Ticket Cancellation:
    1. The cancellation feature can be invoked for two reasons:
      1. A ticket is misprinted or damaged by the lottery terminal making the ticket unusable or unable to be sold, or
      2. An entry mistake is made by the lottery clerk and the player refuses to accept the ticket.
    2. Cancellations must occur prior to the first or only draw for which the ticket is eligible.
    3. The selling agent can cancel the ticket on the terminal and thereby receive full credit for that ticket.
  6. Draw Times & Draw Procedures:
    1. The lottery terminals are programmed to stop selling tickets prior to the draw taking place.
    2. Following the integrity checks by the Auditors, the draw is conducted and recorded for later broadcast at such time determined by the DNL.
    3. A single chambered blower machine is loaded. The chamber of the blower machine will mix one set of twenty (20) balls numbered from 01 to 20. The balls are mixed and four balls are randomly selected from the chamber
    4. The draw is recorded and witnessed by lottery staff and the official auditor, who is an employee of a recognized auditing firm.
    5. The draw itself will be broadcast on national radio and/or television and the winning numbers published in a local newspaper and at all ticket selling locations.
    6. The only official winning numbers are the ones drawn. The numbers are then recorded and entered into the central site computer. DNL is not responsible for any errors in reporting the winning numbers.
  7. Play Method and Prizes:
    1. After the winning numbers are drawn and entered into the central site computer system, the system will process all the tickets entered into the draw and determine how many winning tickets were sold.
    2. Play 4 has a fixed payout for each prize level as follows based on a two dollar ($2) bet amount:
      Match 4 $1,000
      Match 3 $20
      Match 2 $4
    3. If, however, on any particular draw there are no Match 4 winners, the $1,000 prize effectively ‘rolls down’ to the Match 3 level yielding the prize structure below:
      Match 3 $40
      Match 2 $4
    4. The odds of winning a prize in the Play 4 game are:
      Match 4 1:4,845.00
      Match 3 1:75.70
      Match 2 1:6.73
  8. Claiming Prizes:
    1. Prizes up to and including $999 may be claimed from any retailer or at the DNL Central Office. Prizes valued at $1,000 or more must be claimed at the DNL Central Office or any advertised additional prize payment centers in person.
    2. All tickets are subject to validation tests by the DNL office personnel and CBN. Tickets which are in any way defective, (e.g. misprinted, incompletely printed, miscut, or representative of an illegal play), are invalid. Evidence of tampering, mutilation, alteration, reconstitution, etc. will also render tickets invalid and may lead to criminal prosecution. The decision of the Manager of the DNL and CBN in any question regarding eligibility and/or validity of any ticket is final.
    3. Prizes must be claimed within ninety (90) days of the draw date, unless otherwise announced.
    4. Any prize not collected within 90 days of the draw date will be considered unclaimed. With the approval of DLC unclaimed prizes maybe returned to players in the form of prize money or special prizes. Actions that DNL may undertake to accomplish this may include, but are not limited to: funding bonus draws, awarding prizes in special promotions, and adding to future prize amounts.
    5. Prize winners asked to do so by DNL must give their name and address, and satisfactorily establish their identity. All winners of the Match 4 prize shall be photographed. Note that DNL and CBN reserve the right to publish the names, addresses and photographs of all the winners and to use video and audio footage or clippings in any promotional activity.
    6. Winners of all cash prizes must sign the winning ticket and surrender it to the seller or at the DNL office when paid in full.
    7. All prizes of $1,000 or greater will be paid by cheque only.
    8. Winners must not be involved in any attempt to defraud the DNL and CBN. Any person attempting to defraud the DNL will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
    9. Under special circumstances, the Manager of the DNL has the right to delay or defer payment of a prize for up to ninety (90) days from the draw date.
    10. All prizes are payable in EC dollars only.
    11. A player with a winning play will win a single cash prize at the highest eligible prize level only for that play. A single ticket can have more than one winning play on it.
  9. Eligibility:
    1. Employees, shareholders (of 5% or more of equity), directors, their spouses and dependent family members are not permitted to play and/or claim any prizes from Play 4 operated by CBN, DNL and the DLC. Consequently, they are not permitted to win prizes in these games.
    2. Employees, directors, their spouses and dependent family members of Canadian Bank Note Company, Ltd. And CBN Dominica Inc. are not permitted to play and/or claim any prizes from Play 4 operated by CBN and the DNL. Consequently, they are not permitted to win prizes in these games.
    3. Employees, shareholders (of 5% or more of equity), directors, their spouses and dependent family members of any advertising agencies or public relations firms are not permitted to play and/or claim any prizes from Play 4 operated by CBN and the DNL. Consequently, they are not permitted to win prizes in these games.
    4. Employees, shareholders (of 5% or more of equity), directors, their spouses and dependent family members of the auditing firms are not permitted to play and/or claim any prizes from Play 4 operated by CBN and the DNL. Consequently, they are not permitted to win prizes in these games.
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